25 appliances conversation questions

25 Electrical appliances conversation questions

Appliances conversation questions

Home appliances are useful machines in our homes that make life easier and more comfortable. Most of us own at least a few of them and use them every day. Here are some interesting discussion questions about appliances that you can use with friends, family, or students.

For English language learner, the most difficult words in this speaking activity include – household, rarely, decide, intend, replace, function, regret, remote control, controller, store (verb), secondhand, and consume.


The appliances conversation questions are –


1 – What would you say is the most useful appliance in your household? Why?

2 – What is an appliance that you have bought but rarely ever use? What does it do?

3 – Where do you usually buy appliances? Have you ever taken one back to the shop?

4 – When did you last buy an appliance? Why did you decide to buy this machine?

5 – How many appliances do you have in your kitchen? Which do you use the most?

6 – What is an appliance that you intend to buy in the near future? How much will it cost?

7 – How many televisions have you owned in your lifetime? Do you want a new one?

8 – Which appliances do you replace the most often? Why do they break down?

9 –Do you own any appliances for health and beauty? What are their functions?

10 – Is there a time of year in your country when appliances are usually on sale?

11 – Which country do you think makes the best appliances? Why are they so good?

12 – Have you ever regretted buying an appliance? What is the reason for this?

13 – Which appliances in your home have a remote control? Where is the controller kept?

14 – Do you think about which country your appliances are made in when you buy them?

15 – What is the most expensive appliance that you own? How much did it cost to buy?

16 – Has an appliance you own ever broken while under warranty? What happened next?

17 – How big is your refrigerator? Do you think you need a bigger one to store more food?

18 – Do any of your friends or family have an appliance that makes you feel jealous?

19 – What appliance makes the most noise in your house? What does it sound like?

20 – Have you ever bought a secondhand appliance? Where did you get it from?

21 – What is an appliance that you think people will no longer buy in the future? Why not?

22 – Which appliance do you think consumes the most electricity in your country? Why?

23 – Do you care about colors when you buy appliances? Which color do you usually buy?

24 – If your television or stereo system stopped working, what would you do about it?

25 – What is the oldest appliance that you own? For how many years have you had it?

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Further activity

Here are a couple of ideas you can use as follow-up activities once you have finished discussing the questions about appliances.  

First of all, get your class or group to create a list of appliances. Once this is done see if they can rank them from most useful to least useful and give reasons as to why.

Another simple writing activity is to ask students to describe what all the appliances are used for. You can give them a list of appliances, gadgets, and machines beforehand to speed this exercise up.

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