25 christmas conversation questions

25 Christmas conversation questions

Christmas conversation questions

A free PDF worksheet of Christmas conversation questions for English speaking practice. This is a handy discussion topic for the end of the year. Not all cultures celebrate Christmas the same way but everyone knows about December the 25th.

Difficult words and terms to go over before starting the conversation worksheet include – typical, traditions, decorate, perfect, disappointing, carols, celebrate, donate, and charity.

The Christmas conversation questions are –

Do you enjoy Christmas? Why or why not?

What do you do on a typical Christmas Day? Who do you spend it with?

What do you usually eat at Christmas? Does your family have any special dishes?

Are there any important Christmas traditions in your country?

What is the weather usually like on Christmas day where you live?

Did you believe in Santa Claus when you were a child? Where is he from?

What do you know about the history of Christmas?

Do students and workers get much time off during Christmas in your country?

Do you usually put up a Christmas tree? Where do you get it from?

Does your family like to decorate their home at Christmas? What with?

How many days before Christmas do you put up a tree? When do you take it down?

What will you buy for other people this Christmas? Where will you shop?

What is shopping like during Xmas in your country? Are there any sales?

Do you like to send and receive Christmas cards? How many do you usually send?

Can you describe what your perfect Christmas day would be like?

Will you receive any Christmas presents this year? What do you hope to get?

What is the worst or most disappointing present that you have ever received?

How do you feel about Christmas songs and carols? Do you like to sing them?

Does your hometown put up Christmas lights and decorations on the streets?

Do you think other countries celebrate Christmas differently? In what ways?

Have you or your family ever travelled during Christmas? Where did you go?

Is Christmas Day the most important day of the year? Why? If not, which day is?

Do people where you live donate to charity at Christmas time? Which charities?

What fresh foods are in season at Christmas time in your country?

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Christmas idioms

Here are some interesting related idioms you can share with your class once they have completed the Christmas conversation questions.

To say that all someone’s Christmas’s have come at once means that they have been very lucky. Similarly, if someone says that Christmas has come early, then they are saying that they are also very lucky and something good has happened to them that they did not expect.

The idiom “like turkeys voting for Christmas” is used to describe someone making a choice that will bring them harm or be bad for them. This refers to the fact that in North America Turkeys are often eaten for Christmas dinner.


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