printable dinosaur footprints and tracks

Free printable dinosaur footprints and tracks (16 PDFs)

Printable dinosaur footprints

Here is a variety of dinosaur footprints that can be printed out and used in arts and crafts activities. There are large footprints, small tracks, and outlines that can be used for different purposes.

If you’ve already searched for these templates, you most likely have a plan on how to use them. If not read on further for some fun ideas that these printables are good for.

The footprints are of different discovered dinosaur tracks but it is interesting to note that scientists can’t actually prove their identity. The animals that made them can’t be factually known because archeologists only have bones to work with. They don’t have the knowledge of what dinosaur feet really looked like when a living animal existed.

Instead, the owners of dinosaur footprints are hypothesized from looking at nearby skeletons and animals that are thought to have lived around the same time. Scientists can however work out if footprints came for animals that walked on 2 legs or 4 legs. The sizes of the footprints also help to show which possible dinosaurs they might have come from.

The first footprints (above and below left), probably came from a tyrannosaurus. The next( below center) most likely belongs to a brachiosaurus, and on the right is thought to be the imprint that the foot of a diplodocus would make.

Meat-eating dinosaurs had long toes while those that ate plants left more rounded tracks.

Ideas for using the printable dinosaur tracks

Here are a few ideas on what you can do with these free printables.

  • Stencils. You can cut the shapes out and use them for stencil art projects. This can be done by either using the inside or the outside. If you are going to cut the inside out, it is best to use a box cutter instead of scissors.
  • Wall murals. After cutting out the tracks you can stick them to a wall to make an interesting prehistoric-themed picture.
  • Footprint pathway. You can out the shapes and lay them on the floor in a classroom or along a path for kids to follow.
  • Footprint counting. Young learners will enjoy counting the dinosaur foot shapes. You can even write numbers on them. If you want to do this with the black shapes, simply cut them out and flip them over. Otherwise, there are outlines you can print below.
  • Alphabet footprints. By putting the letters A to Z on the footprints you can use them to teach the alphabet and even play spelling games.
  • Hopscotch. The prints can be used to play a fun dinosaur-themed game of hopscotch or something similar where kids are to follow and place their feet or hands on the tracks.

Below are the left and right footprints of what is believed to be a Stegosaurus. 

Printable dinosaur footprint outlines

The next few free printables below are dinosaur footprint outlines. They can be used for coloring or printed on colored paper or cardstock. Remember that you can also print the ones above and simply flip them over if there is a shape that you particularly like. 

Small printable dinosaur tracks

Lastly, we have some smaller dinosaur tracks. These are good for smaller craft projects. Remember that you can always just print the larger footprints above on smaller paper. Another option is to scale them down when you print the PDF pages.

The first set of tracks (below left), are thought to be of an iguanodon. It was a plant-eating dinosaur that grew to 30 feet to 9 meters in length.

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