25 hope conversation questions

25 hope conversation questions

Hope conversation questions

This is an interesting discussion worksheet for adults and upper intermediate-level ESL students. These hope conversation questions can help students talk about their dreams and ambitions more fluently.

The concepts of the questions are their hardest aspect. The vocabulary isn’t particularly challenging, the hardest words are  – achieve, associate, financial, retire, regain, avoid, and superstition.

The hope conversation questions are –

What is your biggest hope for your life in the future? How will you achieve this?

What is something that you hope will happen tomorrow?

Which animal would you associate with hope? Why this animal?

Do you have any educational or financial goals for the next 5 years? What are they?

Where do you hope to live in the future? Who do you want to live with?

Do you have hopes for any of your family members? What are they?

Do you have hopes for the world and planet Earth? Can you explain these hopes?

At what age do you hope to retire? What do you hope to do when you retire?

What is the best thing to do for someone who is feeling hopeless?

Do you know of a good book or movie that gives people hope? What is it about?

What is something that makes you feel hopeful at this moment?

Have your hopes changed over time? In what ways have they changed?

What is the difference between hoping and believing that something will happen?

Who do you talk to about your hopes and dreams?

What is something that you would do if you knew that you could not fail?

Have you ever failed at something? What did you do afterward to regain hope?

What are some good things about having hope?

Do you think there are any negative things about having hopes and dreams?

At what time of day do you usually feel the most hopeful?

If you could have 3 wishes that would come true, what would they be?

Do you think that your friends and family share the same hopes as you?

Do you have any fears about the future? What are they? How can you avoid them?

How do you think you will feel if you achieve your goals in life?

Do you know any superstitions about making hopes and wishes come true?

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