25 military conversation questions

25 Great military conversation questions

Military conversation questions

Every country has some sort of military be it an army, airforce, or navy. Serving in the armed forces is a suitable career for some people while for others it is not. In any case, most folks will have some fairly strong opinions on the topic which makes for good conversation.

These discussion questions about the military are suitable for adult ESL learners and general English speaking with late teenagers and older. The questions are not so difficult but the subject matter is quite advanced.

The most difficult terms in this speaking activity for ESL learners include – army, navy, airforce, serve in the military, base, natural disaster, forces, camouflage, veteran, enlist, and documentary.


The military conversation questions are –


1 – How do you feel about the military? What five words would you use to describe it?

2 – Does your country have a large military? How many people do you think are in it?

3 – If you had to join the military, would you prefer to be in the army, navy, or air force?

4 – Do you know anyone who has served in the military? What do they think of it?

5 – What do you think would be the most difficult thing about being in the military?

6 – Where is the closest military base to you? How far away is it? What is it for?

7 – How do you believe that your country’s military will change in the coming years?

8 – Does your country require people to serve in the military? Which countries do?

9 – What happens to people who run away from the military in your country?

10- Would you be willing to join the military for several years? Why or why not?

11- Does the military where you live help people when there are natural disasters? How?

12- How much exercise do most military people do? Do you think you could do this?

13- Which country’s military worries you the most? Why does it concern you?

14- Do you believe that it is important for all countries to have military forces? Why?

15- What kinds of things must a person be able to do to join the special forces?

16- Are there any special days or holidays to celebrate the military where you live?

17- Do you own any camouflage clothing? What is it and why did you buy it?

18- In what ways was your country’s military different 100 years ago?

19- Is it possible that your nation’s military could go to war in the coming years?

20- How would the world be different if there were no soldiers or military?

21- What does your country do to help military veterans? Do they get enough help?

22- Who is a famous military hero that you know of? What did they do and where?

23- Why do you think that people enlist in the military? Why don’t more people do it?

24- Do you enjoy watching movies or documentaries about the military?

25- What is one of the greatest military battles that you know of? Why did it happen?

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