free printable toucan coloring page

17 free printable toucan coloring pages

Free toucan coloring page printables

These exotic birds are fascinatingly interesting and make a great subject for coloring fun. There are PDF toucan coloring pages here for all ages. They range from basic designs for preschoolers and kids, to complex and challenging pages for teenagers and adults.

The toucan and its tropical world involve all sorts of beautiful colors. Their bodies are black and they have white or yellowish throats. A toucan’s huge beak can come in any manner of brilliant color combinations, as do the patches around their eyes.

The first few coloring sheets (above and below) are of toucans in jungle settings. You can make the birds and surrounding foliage come alive with your choice of pencils, crayons, or paint!

Interesting Toucan facts

Did that toucans live to around the age of 20 years?

They live in hollowed out trees in the jungles of South America and Central America.

A toucan mostly eats fruit but at times also snacks on insects. reptiles and other small animals.

The toucan’s beak is used to control its body temperature. They can reduce and increase the blood flow to this part of their bodies. They also have a serrated edge on their beaks that they use to cut food.

Toucan coloring page printables for kids

The next few coloring sheets are more suitable for kids and preschool children. They have rather simple designs of happy and cute toucans. The pictures also have cartoon styles that kids are sure to love.

Toucan coloring pages for adults and teens

These coloring pages have a lot of detail and are best suited to teenagers and adults. The intricate patterns and mandala styles can take hours to complete but in the end, you are left with a wonderful picture!

On these pages, the birds’ bodies are to be colored in a surreal kind of way (not plain black!). There are also flowers and leaves that you can color to complement these magical animals.

If you enjoyed these toucan coloring pages, take a look at the free flamingo coloring pages. There are also some interesting birds discussion questions and some vocabulary worksheets about birds for English learning.

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