25 conversation questions about snow

25 Crisp conversation questions about snow

Conversation questions about snow

Snow can be amazingly beautiful or at times terribly harsh. Most people have different opinions about this weather phenomenon, try these conversation questions about snow to see what your friends, colleagues, and students think!

For ESL learners the most difficult terms in this discussion activity include – igloo, tropical climate, environment, dangerous, landscape, survive, species, bare feet, formed, avalanche, receive, constant, irritated, affect, and natural environment.


The conversation questions about snow are –


1 – How do you feel about snow?

2 – What are five words that you would use to describe snow?

3 – Have you ever seen snow? When did you last see snow and how did you feel about it?

4 – How do you think a person who lives in the snow lives differently from others?

5 – What things would you need to do if you wanted to make a snowman or an igloo?

6 – Would you prefer to live in a hot tropical climate or a cold snowy one?

7 – What animals do you know of that live in snowy environments? What do they eat?

8 – How can snow be dangerous? What things can happen to people in the snow?

9 – Which countries in the world do you think get the most snow and why?

10 – In what ways are houses designed for snow different from those that are not?

11 – What kinds of sports can people do in the snow? Which one interests you the most?

12 – Where would you travel to if you wanted to see a beautiful snowy landscape?

13 – What kinds of equipment and vehicles do people use to get around in the snow?

14 – How would you try to survive if you had to spend a night sleeping in the snow?

15 – What species of trees and plants grow well in the snow?

16 – Do you like any songs or poems about snow? What do the words say in them?

17 – How far do you think that you could walk in the snow with bare feet?

18 – What clothing would you wear if it was snowing and you had to go outside?

19 – Do you know how snow is formed? How does it happen?

20 – How do you think people who live in the snow grow or get fruit and vegetables?

21 – What things can cause an avalanche? What happens in an avalanche?

22 – Which months receive the most snow in your country? How much snow falls?

23 – What is something that you never want to do in the snow and why not?

24 – How many days of constant snow would it take for you to get tired and irritated by it?

25 – In what ways does snow affect the natural environment?

a cute animal in the snow

Snow idioms and expressions

You can use these snow expressions to continue the discussion about snow.

If you are snowed under you have too much of something to do (usually work) and have no time for anything else.

As a person becomes older and has grey or white hair on their head they can be said to have snow on the mountain or snow on the roof.

To do a snow job on someone is to trick them into doing something they would not normally do by either lying to them or saying many overly nice things.

For some more fun sayings that you can use, check out the colder than expressions. If you are looking for a similar discussion topic, try the winter conversation questions.

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