25 comfort questions for conversation

25 comfort questions for conversation

Comfort questions for conversation

Comfort is something that all living things desire. We do however find it in different ways. These comfort questions make for an excellent conversation topic for late teenagers and adults.

In this speaking activity, comfort is used as a noun and verb, as well as the adjective comfortable. The most challenging terms in this discussion exercise include – upset, situation, fabric, improve, worried, basic, broken, and silence.


The comfort questions are –


1 – Would you say that you have a comfortable life? What are the 3 most important things for a comfortable lifestyle?

2 – What are 5 things that you think of when you hear the word comfort?

3 – Do you feel comfortable right now? What could make you feel more comfortable?

4 – What kind of weather and which season do you feel is the most comfortable?

5 – Are there any kinds of comfort food that you like to eat when you are upset?

6 – What kinds of situations make you feel uncomfortable? How do you deal with them?

7 – Where is the most comfortable place that you can think of? What do you do there?

8 – Is your home more comfortable in winter or summer? Why?

9 – Who is a person that you turn to for comfort when times are difficult?

10 – When did you last offer comfort to someone else? Why did you comfort them?

11 – In what kinds of clothing do you feel most comfortable? What fabric do you like?

12 – Is your school or workplace comfortable? How could its comfort be improved?

13 – Have you ever had a very uncomfortable night’s sleep? Why was it uncomfortable?

14 – What could you say to comfort a person who is worried about money?

15 – How could you comfort a young child who was crying?

16 – Have you ever had to comfort someone with a broken heart? How did you do it?

17 – What is something you often do to find comfort after a long and tiring day?

18 – Do you find camping and the outdoors comfortable or do you prefer being indoors?

19 – What are the basic things that you need to live in comfort? Do you have them now?

20 – Have you ever bought shoes that you later thought were uncomfortable?

21 – Do you find comfort in silence or do you prefer to talk when people are around?

22 – What is the most comfortable sound you can think of? What is the worst noise?

23 – Can you remember any ways that your parents used to comfort you as a child?

24 – What things does a dog or a cat need to live in comfort? How about a horse?

25 – What is the most comfortable hotel or room you have stayed in? What did it have?

a couple camping in comfort

Related idioms about comfort

Once you have completed discussing the comfort questions, you can introduce these interesting idioms to your class or group.

Cold comfort is something that offers no comfort at all.

Creature comforts are the things we need to make us happy and comfortable.

If something is too close for comfort, it is close to causing you problems, fear, or unhappiness. It is making you feel nervous.

Something that is very uncomfortable can be said to be as comfortable as an old shoe.

A bed of roses is a happy and comfortable situation or place. This can also be said as a bowl of cherries.

a dog sleeping in comfort
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